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No-Touch Battery-Powered Automatic Hand-Sanitizing Station

No-Touch Battery-Powered Automatic Hand-Sanitizing Station

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This stand-alone Hand Sanitizing Station is great to have in your office, restaurant, lobby, store or home.  It features an automatic "No-Touch" system that can be used with batteries or with a D/C cord (not included).  This station is easily refillable with simple gallons or other bottles of Hand Sanitizer.  No need to find those specialty bags or accessories.  The entire unit comes in one box and can be assembled quickly and effortlessly.

Product Detail

No-Touch, Battery-Powered, Automatic Hand-Sanitizing Station...just put your hand underneath and it automatically squirts the perfect amount of Hand Sanitizing solution.

This station holds up to 1,200 ml of Hand Sanitizing Solution liquid or gel.  (We recommend our Germ Free 24 Alcohol-Free squirt is all you need for the ENTIRE day!)   This station takes 4-C batteries or can be used with a standard D/C cord (not included).  This station is easy to put together and comes all in one box.  

Great for Homes, Offices, Medical Facilities, Recreation Facilities, Schools, Restaurants, Food Courts, Shopping Malls, Stores, Pet Facilities

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